Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree is a four-year program that can be pursued as an undergraduate or graduate degree at Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary. BTH is primarily intended for individuals who aspire to serve in church ministry or other related Christian fields. Greek and/or Hebrew coursework, as well as courses in biblical theology, systematic theology, ethics, homiletics, hermeneutics, counseling, and Christian ministry, are normally required of candidates for this degree. A thesis is required for the Bachelor of Theology degree, which may require an extra year of study above and beyond the requirements for the Bachelor of Religious Education degree.

Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE):

The Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) degree gives students the option to concentrate in either Bible or Theology and combine two of the several ministry concentrations that are offered. The purpose of the program is to help the student advance their knowledge and abilities in two ministry domains. The purpose of BRE is to get you ready for vocational ministry. Opportunities for more advanced and practical ministry, leadership, and discipleship training are offered via this curriculum.

The BRE degree is a comprehensive degree in Bible and associated areas that is especially appropriate for people who want to start a full-time Christian ministry. A strong basis in biblical studies, theology, and useful ministry skills are provided by the program. Although the program does not provide specific training for professional ministry, its graduates go on to pursue higher education at various schools and institutions and become more involved in church ministry or local church ministries. The receiving university has the last say on whether to grant transfer credits to other institutions.


1st Semester- 1st YearUnits          2nd Semester- 1st YearUnits           
English  3English  3
OT Survey  3NT Survey  3
Personal Evangelism  3Life of Christ  3
Christian Life and Ethics  3Acts  3
Stewardship  2Christain Evidence  2
1st Semester- 2nd YearUnits          2nd Semester- 2nd YearUnits           
Bibliology  3Theology Proper/Christology  4
John  3Romans/Galatians  3
Hermeneutics  2Baptist Distinctives  3
Pedagogy  2Pentateuch  3
Cults  2  
World Religion  2English  2
1st Semester- 3rd YearUnits          2nd Semester- 3rd YearUnits           
Soteriology/Pneumatology  3Harmartiology/Anthropology  3
Greek 1  3Greek 2  3
Church History  3Synoptic Gospels  3
Homiletics  3Preaching  3
Daniel  3Revelation  3
Psychology  2Prison Epistles  2
1st Semester- 4th YearUnits          2nd Semester- 4th YearUnits           
Pastoral Epistle  3Ecclesiology/Eschatology  4
Greek 3  3Greek 4  3
Poetical Books  3Pastoral Care  3
Minor Prophets  3Hebrews  3
General Epistles  3Thesis  4
Ezekiel  2Corinthians  2
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