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Rev P.J Mathai (founder and president of MBBCS), first felt the call of God after he got saved during an evangelistic meeting in 1967. He went to Bible college in India and Seminary in the US. After Rev P.J Mathai, came back to India from Tacoma Washington, after studying at Northwest Baptist Seminary, he felt led by the Lord and encouraged by his wife Kung to start a Bible college that would impart quality training to students to become effective leaders and win souls for Christ.

   With a vision to train future pastors and leaders to reach such a vast multitude of humanity destined for eternal condemnation, the idea itself was overwhelming. However, with much prayer and the leading of the Lord, Maranatha Baptist Bible College was founded in the summer of 1998 with 15 students. This was a huge step of faith for him and his family.

   “We had no assurance of full support or the manpower to start a college, but the Lord has graciously provided for every single need of the Bible College.” (Rev P.J Mathai)

   There were many obstacles and resistances along the way, from getting the school registered under the Indian government to the resistance of the non-believer landlord and neighbors against the establishment of the Bible College.
However, in due time the Lord removed each and every obstacle to establish His school, it is indeed a miracle that the school is in existence today. In the first few years, the students and faculty were housed in rented buildings, but the student body soon outgrew the facilities. Through much prayer and sacrificial giving of a few churches and individuals who support us, we were able to purchase property and build new facilities for the Bible College. The Lord provided us a beautiful campus of our own, so wonderful, and we are so grateful for it. Today, we have over 190 students from different states of India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal studying to become pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders. Over 200 students have graduated and many of them are faithfully serving in their communities, in various parts of South Asia.

   Under the leadership of P.J. Mathai, the ultimate goal at Maranatha Baptist Bible College is to train many laborers to bring in the harvest.

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